Improve your research with these digital tools

Conducting real research and writing the dissertation text itself is a very complex process that requires appropriate academic skills and knowledge, the ability to process a large amount of information, and write scientific texts correctly. It also requires communication with other researchers in your field of research. Fortunately, the world of modern technology has developed so much that it covers all areas of human activity, including research. To date, many programs, tools, and applications have been developed to assist scientists in their research and greatly facilitate it. Here you can find the most interesting of them.

To begin, you need to choose the tools that will help with the effective organization of your research. These programs are very useful in organizing and systematizing ideas and information. One such tool is Trello. In essence, it is an online tool designed for project management. It has toolbars where you can place projects. With its help, you can collaborate with others. Airtable is also one of the tools for online collaboration and project organization. It is based on a database and spreadsheets. The next tool in this group is WorkFlowy. He helps to organize documents for further cooperation in team projects, creating records and notes, keeping journals, and writing research. Another program that allows you to create graphics is GanttPRO, but only a trial version is free.

The following group of tools helps with your writing. Here, first of all, you should use Google Docs and other programs that allow you to view, comment and write your text online, and Google Drive, which allows you to save and share files. Scientific research must be well written. And without such an application as Grammarly is difficult to do. It quickly analyzes the text for existing errors and helps to correct them immediately. If you need editing help you can find online EduBirdie writers and ask: “please, edit my paper” or even “alphabetize my citations” or something else. Such a help online is very convenient and quick.

Researchers should also use Typeset. This is a kind of platform that helps to write scientific texts in accordance with the established requirements. It has tens of thousands of templates and formats your text to the format you want. You can use it to check your text for plagiarism and grammatical errors. In addition, it has many more options.

The next group of tools and programs are those that are used when working on citations. With their help, you can create a list of literature used in the study. These programs organize citations of your scientific text and bibliography in the appropriate format. So use Zotero. It is effective in gathering information, organizing it, and citing it in your research. However, you can use Mendeley. It is also used in the organization of research, allows you to collaborate with others, and keep abreast of the latest research in your field. Mendeley is also a good platform for creating your own profile, and uploading and publishing documents.

And it is worth mentioning those platforms where you can collaborate with others, create your own scientific profile, upload your scientific papers, find and follow other scientists, and share files. There is a collaboration tool like COS for collaboration and project management. With it, you can connect to various files, help, and more, which helps to improve and optimize your workflow. And using ORCID, you create for yourself a kind of research identifier that contains information about you.

These are not all tools that help with research, but the most important and effective. use them and you will quickly see how your research process has improved.



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