It is not a secret that writing your doctoral dissertation is not an easy task. Procrastination and writer’s block are some things that can haunt you while working on your paper. Many students view writing a thesis as a challenging task, so they opt to buy a thesis online. Although the process is not easy, here are some tips to help you.

A proposal aims to convince the committee why your research question is important. You should show them that you are going to research a valuable and complex question. …

The lab is an intimidating space for most students, and many prefer to stay away until they cannot avoid it anymore. Many are afraid of the lab report format college students are expected to adhere to, while others fear the lab experiments themselves. That said, you should not join this bandwagon and shy away from trying out these experiments as they give you enormous benefits, such as

Ground Breaking Research

Some of the items in the market today, such as penicillin, Viagra, plastics, post-it notes, and rubber, result from lab experiment errors. Through your colossal mistakes, you might be one…

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Even individuals who are good at math can reach a dead end when problem-solving. When a concept is translated into a word question or a mathematical sentence containing an unknown, most students get stuck. The reason is that problem solving requires students to select a strategy or strategies that are appropriate for the question deliberately. Not all individuals have metacognitive skills, but math problem-solving strategies can be taught. Below are some strategies for problem-solving.

Read and Reread the Question

Students will sometimes skip ahead as soon as they notice a familiar part of the question or give up on understanding it if…

If you have ever felt anxious and stressed during an exam, you are not alone. Every student feels it. Moreover, it should fade away as you continue with the exam. However, whether it disappears or not depends on your habits. Are you a student? Do you want to deal with exam anxiety? In this article, you will find a guide on how to deal with exam stress:

Eat and Have Enough Sleep

One mistake that students always make is to read until it is a minute to the exam. It is okay to prepare. However, studying hours before the exam…

Are you looking to learn how to write a memorable speech?

We’ve got you covered.

The reality is that coming up with an engaging speech can be a challenging and daunting task.

However, it doesn’t have to be difficult for you.

Follow the tips below to write an excellent speech.

You can also hire a speech writer online in case you aren’t sure where to start.

You’ll just need to provide the writer with the instructions then leave the rest of the work to them.

Understand Your Audience

Any type of writing has its intended audience.

Before you start writing…

About EduBirdie


Price: $13.99 per page

The number of writers:

450 plus

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Year of establishment: 2015

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Headquarters: Bulgaria, Wilmington, USA

Contact Number: +1 (888)337 5415

EduBirdie ratings: 4.07 stars

Executive summary

Writing essays and other academic papers is not a breeze. Most students find it hard to master the skill of professional and flawless writing. EduBirdie is a site that has reprieved the students. It provides a wide range of writing services, including editing…

No scientific research exists without previous findings. And because you’re going to use other people’s work in your research, you need to give them credit.

In other words, whether you’re writing an academic assignment or any other document based on other people’s work, you need to cite the source of your research.

That’s where a citation generator becomes helpful.

Imagine how hectic it could be if you were compiling a lengthy paper that requires a ton of citations and a long list of references.

In the past, scholars used to document every individual source by hand.

But these days are…

Are scheduled to do your first research paper?

If so then you have come to the right place.

A research paper is arguably one of the most important assignments every student must do in college that’s meant to help them convey their hard work and research skills to their professors.

Due to its significance, you’re going to need to make sure all the boxes are checked.

Besides, submitting a well-written research paper will make you face a few questions from the reviewers.

In this article, you’re going to learn the research paper writing do’s and don’ts so you know what…

After a busy day in school, you want to get to the house, take a shower, eat, and sleep. The idea of doing homework is nagging. However, do you have a choice? Knowing how to start an essay is one thing but completing it within the shortest time is another. Maybe you have several assignments to deal with before going to bed. Here is the trick to use.

Find A Quiet Place

Find a quiet, clean, and clear study room that is free of distractions. Ensure that the seat is comfortable and the lighting is okay. You do not want…

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